Can You Smell the Satay Grilling?

It was just about seven in the evening, Faisal and Cheng Guan were in the town looking for a place for dinner. “What do you feel like having lah, Cheng Guan?” Faisal asked. “Don’t know lah, can’t think of what to eat yet. Do you know what’s good around this area?” Cheng Guan replied. The […]

Hailing the Putu Mayam Seller for a Snack

It was late in the evening when the sound of a bicycle’s bell could be heard from the distance. Kring, kring! Kring, Kring! When the sound of the bell became louder, the eyes of young Pravithra, sparkled with glee as she called out for her mother. “Mommy! Could it be Uncle Murthy? It must be […]

Where’s My Marbles?

As Joe was replacing the marbles from his aquarium, his uncle, Tat Seng was observing from his recliner when he had a sudden flashback of his childhood. He was reminded of the time that he used to play with marbles his younger sister, Suet Mei – Joe’s mother. They would usually play after finishing their […]