Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Act

Our Privacy Guarantee

Your personal information provided to us is strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be revealed to any third party without your approval.

The Use of Gathered Information

Information gathered on our website ( is solely used for fulfilling your order, catalogue request or e-mail newsletter request, and for tailoring the site to your needs. We do not rent, sell and/or exchange information about our customers. Access to information about our customers is restricted. Third parties that require access to our customers’ information in order to provide operational and/or other support services to us must agree to safeguard our customers’ information in strict compliance with our policy. We only gather the customer’s information that is required for purposes of administering its business, provide superior service and communicate offers on merchandise and services that we believe will be of interest to its customers.

Personally-Identifiable Information

Our website collects personally-identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number, or email address) from website visitors who voluntarily provides such information to us. Website visitors who do not want their personally-identifiable information to be collected online are asked not to submit such information to us. We wish to inform that when you provide us your personally-identifiable information online, that information is kept within our businesses. We also wish to inform that, unless specifically stated otherwise, the personally-identifiable information provided by you may be stored and used by us to better understand our customers’ needs, to improve our services and to contact customers regarding offers that may be of interest to them.

Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites. As such, you are recommended to read the privacy statement of each website that collects information from you as our privacy policy solely applies to information collected by us from this website. We wish to inform that your information disclosed to us will not be shared in any form with our partnering websites unless specifically stated. This shall be informed to the website visitors upon initiating the registration process. Website visitors who do not wish for their information to be shared by any other party other than us may then opt out of completing the registration.

The Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small file placed into the memory of your computer. A cookie may be used in the processing of your information. Most web browsers allow web users to exercise control over such files on their computers by erasing them, blocking them, or notifying the user when such a file is stored. You are asked to refer to their browser’s instructions to learn about those functions. Generally, we use cookies to:

  • Estimate our audience size. Each browser accessing our site is given a unique cookie which is then used to determine the extent of repeat usage, usage by a registered user versus by an unregistered user, and to help target advertisements based on user interests and behaviour.
  • Assist merchants in our website to track visits to and business at their stores, and to process the items in your shopping basket (if any). This information collected by cookies is sometimes called “clickstream” or “click trail” and may also describe which pages you have seen in each merchant’s store.
  • Track your progress and number of entries in some of our promotions, sweepstakes and contests. When a hosted promotion uses cookies, the information written to the cookie indicates the player’s progress through the promotion, and may be used to track entries, submissions, and status in prize drawings.
  • Measure certain traffic patterns, which areas of our network of websites you have visited, and your visiting patterns in the aggregate. We use this research to understand how our users’ habits are similar or different from one another so that we can make each new experience on ours a better one. We may use this information to better personalize the content, banners, and promotions that you and other users will see on our sites.