Boss, teh tarik satu!

The sound of a block of ice being crushed while the chattering in various languages and dialects could be heard as Ramli, Kumar and Kuan Cheen were seen looking for empty seats as they wanted to get a cold and refreshing drink on a hot and humid afternoon.

 “What do you want to get? I will order from the boss,” asked Kuan Cheen. “Get me a bowl of ice kacang with extra red beans,” said Ramli while Kumar said, “One teh tarik la, Kuan Cheen. Thank you”

Off Kuan Cheen went to give their orders to Hassan, the stall owner. “Boss, can I get one ice kacang with extra red beans, one teh tarik and one ice-cream soda?”

“Sure, can. Just wait a little while ya. A lot of people now,” Hassan replied Kuan Cheen.

“Ok boss, no problem!” Kuan Cheen replied as he went back to his friends.

“Eh guys, did you watch the football game last night?” asked Kumar enthusiastically as Kuan Cheen sat back down.

“Yeah bro, a lot of drama man. But it was a good match!” Kuan Cheen replied. However, Ramli looked a bit puzzled and asked, “The game was last night ah? Not next Friday meh?”

Both Kumar and Kuan Cheen laughed and said, “It was last night lah! Aiyo, we reminded you after school. What la you!”

“Aiyo, I forgot la!” Ramli laughed and then asked, “So, who won ah?”

“England la of course! They beat Kuwait 1 – 0.” Kumar said as Hassan, the stall owner, brought over their drinks and ais kacang.

“Boys, here are your drinks. RM5 for everything,” Hassan said as he served the three high schoolers.

“Thank you, boss. Here you go,” Ramli responded as he paid for the drinks. “My treat today la,” he told his two friends.

Kuan Cheen attempted to pay Ramli back but he declined the offer, “No need lah. Next time you can belanja us la.”

“Thanks, Ramli, next time on me, okay?” Kuan Cheen said as he uncapped his ice-cream soda bottle and took a sip.

What makes a good hangout sessions besides good company? Good food and drinks, of course! Can any Malaysian resist a simple yet delicious cup of frothy teh tarik, ice kacang or a cold and refreshing soda!

May it be rain or shine, nothing will stop us, Malaysians to meet over food and drinks as they are the things that not only warm our stomach but our hearts as we come together, from all walks of life, to meet and dine together. It is undeniable that good food will always bring people together. And Malaysia, being a melting pot of a variety of cultures, we have the privilege to enjoy different delicacies.

Do you consider yourself privileged to be a Malaysian? And do you believe that Malaysian food is one of the many things that unites us as one?